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Dog Trainers Near Hillcrest

Why Should You Hire an Experienced
Hillcrest Dog Trainer?

Trying to train your dog to behave the way you want them to is difficult when you don’t have the right tools to do so. Professional dog trainers not only help teach dogs, but they also help coach owners on how to best interact with their dogs to achieve significant results. 


At Sit’s Getting Real, we believe it is essential to educate owners when looking to achieve their goals. Our Hillcrest dog trainers, Thomas Natterstad and Amanda Martin, have years of experience helping owners and their dogs and will create customized plans to fit every dogs individual needs!  We offer a variety of training services to best fit you and your dogs needs. 

Services We Offer To Our
Hillcrest Clients

Our Training Programs

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Our group training classes work at your dog’s pace. We offer a variety of group training classes to help your dog master good behavior. Group training classes are 5 weeks long and proof of current vaccinations are required. 


This class is perfect for owners that would love to learn new skills and keep their dogs exercised and stimulated. We have a variety of agility equipment for your pup to have a ton of fun including a tube, jumping hoop, and NEWLY featured ramp! 

San Diego Dog Training Dog Trainer San D

Is your dog constantly pulling on a walk? Do they stop and refuse to walk? Are they barking at other dogs or people? Our leash manner class helps establish leadership and structure to your daily activities, teaching your dog how to stay focused even with distractions. 

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One-on-one training is perfect for owners who would like our trainers to focus on specific behaviors their dogs may struggle with. Our one-on-one training service is mobile and can be done at your home in Hillcrest.


Tomas and Amanda work exceptionally hard to equip each owner with the necessary tools needed to feel confident while training their dog. 

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Did you know puppies can start to learn basic dog obedience commands at just eight weeks old. If you’re a first time puppy owner, our puppy class is perfect for you. 


You probably know adopting a puppy is a large commitment, and in our class, we introduce your puppy to the fundamentals of basic obedience training. This includes, touch, sit, down, leash work, and more! Our trainers will also touch on house and crate training, play biting, chewing, and all the other things puppies do. 

Calling All Hillcrest Dog Owners!

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Dog Training Here!

What is positive-reinforcement based dog training?

Positive reinforcement dog training is one of the most powerful methods that can change your dog’s behavior. Positive reinforcement focuses on rewarding and praising your dog when they are performing a specific behavior that you want and ignoring the behaviors that you don’t want. When utilizing this training method correctly, you can expect less of the following:


  • Aggression

  • Biting

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Behavior Problems

  • Leash Pulling/Leash Reactivity

At Sit’s Getting Real, our San Diego dog trainers use positive reinforcement-based techniques to help you create a rewarding, positive experience for both you and your four-legged friend. Both Amanda and Tomas are committed to creating a positive learning environment for you and your dog. Positive reinforcement training not only helps your dog, but also helps create a deeper, more meaningful bond with its owner. 


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