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Puppy Training
In San Diego

About Our Puppy Training Classes

Teaching Humans. Training Puppies. Growing Together.

Bringing a puppy home is an exciting time for owners. If you’ve recently adopted a puppy, you may have realized how much time and responsibility it takes to keep your dog safe, comfortable, and happy. 


All dog owners dream of having the best-behaved pup, but in reality, it takes consistent training paired with patience before puppies become well-trained dogs. At Sit’s Getting Real Dog Training, we offer a variety of puppy training classes to help owners and their puppies work through beginner behavior problems. Puppy owners tend to become discouraged early on, and some puppies are even at risk of being re-homed or placed into a shelter. Our trainers are committed to helping owners and their dogs establish a positive, long-lasting bond during the training process. 


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What Are The Benefits of Puppy Training?

Early puppy training is essential to help combat bad behaviors and habits. In our group classes, your puppy will be exposed to a variety of different distractions outside of your regular home setting. Beginning proper socialization around seven to eight weeks of age can help prevent those unwanted behaviors later in your puppy's life. At Sit’s Getting Real Dog Training, our trainers Amanda Martin and Tomas Natterstad are committed to establishing a mutual connection between you and your dog. 

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Physical & Mental

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Prevent Behavior

What Puppy Training Classes Do You Offer?

Our Puppy Training Classes

Little Sit's-Puppy Class

In this class, socialization is the main focus! We will also be introducing the fundamentals of clicker training and the foundation for basic obedience including (touch, sit, down, leash work, etc)!


Our San Diego dog trainers will walk you through everything from house training, play biting, chewing, jumping, crate training, and everything else puppies do. Extremely beneficial for first-time owners of a puppy or adding a new puppy to their family!

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I Can Do This Sit-Basic Obedience

In this class, basic obedience is the main focus for dogs that are no longer puppies or puppies that are over 6 months that have gone through puppy training,


The foundation will be established for everything from sit, down, stay, socialization, proper interaction while on a leash and enjoyable on leash walks! We will walk you through all of your basic obedience needs. Extremely beneficial for first-time owners or anyone having trouble with unwanted behaviors!

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