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Meet Our Trainers

Our Mission

Positive Dog Training With Positive Results!

At Sit's Getting Real Dog Training, our trainers believe all dogs deserve a chance to live their best life. Both Tomas and Amanda are dedicated to helping all dogs, no matter their previous journeys, become the best dogs they can be. We work closely with local rescues in San Diego to help rehabilitate dogs and help them find their furever home. Learn more about our trainers below!

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Tomas Natterstad

Owner, Founder, & Trainer

From before Tomas can remember, animals have been his biggest passion. This passion drove him to begin his career in the animal care and behavior industry in 2009 in various shelters throughout the country. During this time, Tomas decided to complete a comprehensive course to get my dog training certification.  


In 2019, Tomas decided to branch off on his own to focus on working with owners and their dogs as a trainer/educator! He began "Natterstad Pet Training", Now re-named "Sit's Getting Real!" Tomas aims to help owners resolve common behavior challenges, and ultimately to keep dogs from being re-homed and to help dogs stay out of shelters and rescues. Tomas enjoys working with the public to grow their understanding of dogs and their natural needs and teaching people to communicate with their dogs successfully to ensure a healthy, long-lasting, happy relationship.

Amanda Martin

Owner & Trainer

For over two decades, coaching and educating people has always been a passion of Amanda's. Over the years, Amanda has realized there was something else she needed to do in life. She needed to not just help people but also make more of a difference in animals' lives.  

Human or non-human, Amanda believes we all deserve a chance at being our best selves, and with a little help and confidence building, that is possible. With that being said, her next step was getting certified to be a dog trainer. Having 4 rescue dogs, 2 rescue cats, and 3 rescue rabbits she knows how important it is to set a companion animal up for success in a home. Too many animals are returned or brought to shelters because owners don’t know how to stop unwanted behaviors. Amanda is here to help humans and their companions understand each other’s wants and needs!

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We Work Closely With These Rescues

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