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Dog Trainers Near Mission Hills

Why Choose Us?

Our dogs are more than just pets for us; they are companions and family. At Sit’s Getting Real Dog Training, we understand that every dog houses a unique personality and that their training journeys should be just as unique. Our trainers, Tomas Natterstad and Amanda Martin provide Mission Hills dog owners with the necessary knowledge, tools, and support to correctly communicate with their dogs. 

We believe all dogs deserve a chance at living their best life. This is why we partner with rescues across San Diego County to help dogs who are looking for a second chance. We are committed to creating a strong bond between our clients and their furry friends. 

If you are looking for a Mission Hills dog trainer, fill out our consultation form to get started. This way, we can assess your situation and provide you with a more in-depth plan for you and your dog. 

What Services Do You Offer To Mission Hills
Dog Owners?

Our Training Programs

Group Training

Our San Diego dog trainers offer a variety of group training classes that work at your dog’s pace. Some of our group training classes include agility, obedience, leash manners, puppy, and more. 

Contact us today to see what group classes are currently being offered Our group training classes are 5 weeks long and require proof of vaccinations! 

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Private Training

The bond between an owner and their dog is the most important. At Sit’s Getting Real Dog Training, our private training service is mobile and can be done in your Mission Hills home! 

Private training is great for dog owners who want to target specific behaviors their dogs struggle with. We will put together a plan to address the issues and habits that you want to see change in your dog over the course of our training. 

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Board & Train

Board and training your dog can be a successful method to help teach basic obedience and fix behavior issues in your dog. Our board and train program is designed to minimize the complexity of training while also making management and maintenance easier for owners. 


This isn’t a “quick fix” option, and owners should always continue follow up work as stated by our trainers. 


Calling All Mission Hills Dog Owners!

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Dog Training Here!

What is the most effective dog training method?

You guessed it...positive reinforcement training! Positive reinforcement dog training is the basis of all our training programs. Positive reinforcement training is when bad behaviors are ignored and good behaviors are rewarded. This helps communicate to your dog the desired behaviors you want to see while also helping your dog recognize and learn new skills. Tomas and Amanda utilize positive reinforcement-based training methods to help build a lasting bond with you and your dog. 


Positive reinforcement training can use anything from treats, praise, and toys to achieve desired behavior from our dogs. There are no negative consequences associated with positive reinforcement training, as reinforcement is used as a more powerful tool than punishment. 


Rewarding our dogs makes it more likely that they will repeat that behavior in the future.

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