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Why You Should Take Your Dog to Group Training Classes

Owning a dog involves a large amount of dedication and responsibility. Many of us think that once we adopt a specific type of dog, or breed, that they will automatically act the way we want them too. Well, not to burst your bubble, but this type of situation doesn’t always happen.

At Sit’s Getting Real, our clients share concerns about their dogs’ and their changing behavior. Dogs' personalities and behaviors can shift overtime due to various factors such as their environment, socialization, training, and maturity. While breed characteristics can be similar, each dog is unique in their own ways. Instead of ignoring the unwanted behaviors, investing in training can be a great way to strengthen that bond with you and your dog again.

So, How Can I Get My Dog Back on Track?

A great way to re-strengthen that relationship is through group training classes. There are a variety of different group training classes offered in San Diego: from agility, to reactive focus, to job-focused classes. It just depends on what you are looking to accomplish with you and your dog.

What to Expect at a Group Training Class??

If you’re new to group dog training, your first class may not be what you expect. When new dogs and their owners join our classes for the first time, it is overwhelming. Why? Because you AND your dog are in a new environment with a lot of different stimulating items.

However, it is important to continue to persist through the initial difficulty of the classes. It is normal to feel frustrated after the first, second, or maybe even third class. In order to see results, you have to put in consistent effort. Our group classes are designed to help your dog cope with challenging environments effectively through engaging exercises.

Check out our video below! This is one of our many exercises we do at Sit's Getting Real group training classes! In this exercise, the dogs are challenged to pay attention to their owners with other distractions.

How Long are Group Classes?

Our group classes are one hour long, and range from 5-6 weeks. At Sit’s Getting Real, we also pride ourselves in being affordable to the public. We want you to be able to continue classes with us as long as possible, and build a bond with you and your dog.

My Dog is Reactive on a Leash, Are Group Classes a Good Idea?

If your dog is reactive, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are aggressive. Most of the time, reactivity happens due to discomfort or fear in specific environments. It is important to contact a trainer to determine if group classes are right for your dog. If your dog shows significant reactivity, it may be best to start with private training first.

Our trainers, Tomas and Amanda, will assess your situation before suggesting group training. They want to ensure you are well-equipped, while also ensuring the well-being of your dog and others attending the classes. The initial assessment allows Tomas and Amanda to tailor their training approach to best accommodate your dog’s needs.

What Kind of Group Classes are Available?

Group classes are a great way to dedicate a specific time every week to training with you and your dog.

For example, at Sit’s Getting Real we tailor group classes to each individual needs. Even though we have group classes, we make sure to dedicate an allotted time during those classes to each of our clients so that we can make sure your needs are met.

We offer the following types of group classes:

  • Canine Good Citizen

  • Puppy Classes

  • Leash Manners

  • Agility Classes

  • Socialization Classes

  • Dogs with Jobs

  • Recall Training

  • Loose Leash Training

  • Reactivity Training

  • And more!

My Dog Bites People and Dogs, Can They Come to Group Classes?

If your dog has a known bite record, it is best to contact your trainer to assess the situation before bringing them to group classes. Our trainers want to make sure that everyone is safe at our training sessions. Please contact Tomas and Amanda so that we can discuss options for you and your dog if we believe group training is not right for you.

Group Training is Fun for you AND your dog!

Group training isn’t just for your dog. What’s great about group training is that owners can also meet other dog owners looking to improve their dogs behavior and relationship. It’s a great way to make friends, and also help your dog become the best they can be.

If you’re looking to start training your dog, or have tried training yourself and it didn’t work out, try out group training at Sit’s Getting Real! Contact us today or fill out our pre-assessment and Amanda or Tomas will be in contact with you shortly. We want you to feel confident with your dog, and group training is a great way to build confidence, and also help your dog’s behavior.


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